Guess whose Daughter is that

Van Damme’s Daughter Bianca Bree Van Damme doing the Ice Bucket Challenge !! You Can’t Help But Stare At Van Damme’s Daughter During Her Ice Bucket Challenge Recently, Jean-Claude Van Damme got into the mix by doing the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS. He then nominated his kids, including 23-Year-Old daughter Bianca Bree Van Damme. And like daughter, like father, Bianca did not disappoint. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Nominated by Father, Jean-Claude Van Damme

Kickstarter Fidget Cube

Kickstarter Fidget Cube: everything needed for those anxious people. Click pens, nail biting, scribbling on a piece of paper, bursting bubbles plastic wrap, or other activities of this kind are extremely satisfactory for some people, as it says relieve anxiety and nervousness. This behavior is known as fidgeting and believe it or not, affects the productivity of people by subtracting concentration, therefore there are objects that seek to end this concern and need to have their hands full. Now a company name Antsy Labs who claims to have created the perfect solution to this behavior, and indeed seems to have […]

How to make ● a simple 2L BOTTLE

This is one of my best and easiest homemade humane mouse traps! Easy to build, easy to bait, easy to release and best of all, it’s humane and there’s no springs or levers to wind up or load! The mouse or vole cannot escape or chew his way out of this mouse trap. Mice are not harmed in any way during capture. As a matter of fact, the mouse or vole remains very calm since there is no slamming doors or snapping latches to scare him! Mice can be released calmly and easily without fear of getting bitten even by […]